The 2017 Ford Super-Duty Frame Just Got Even Tougher

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Ford Super Duty Frame

In an incredible feat that Ford themselves admits to have never practiced before, they managed to show the world in the most visual of ways, just how badass the new high-strength-steel Super Duty frame really is. By the looks of it, it’s bloody strong!

With today’s extremely fast traveling media, Ford hit it out of the ballpark by turning this nerdy-but-cool publicity stunt, into a well documented and fun to watch video that nearly everyone—truck fan or not, will enjoy watching.

The video narrator explains how the entire hanging apparatus came to be, and how it places the bulk of the load directly where the axles are typically located, therefore testing the tolerance of the new high-strength-steel frame. After loading a total of seven F-150s on the testing rig, Ford threw everything out the window and brought in a heavy-hitter. Literally.

The bright yellow Ford F-650 Tonka dump truck first seen on the stage sidelines, was brought in to the stunt and strapped in at the very last minute. This added up to eight F-150s and one F-650 dump truck, for a total of 60,000 pounds of F-series hanging off one single Ford Super Duty truck frame.

Ford 1 – Competition 0!

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