The 2017 Ford GT Will Feature Some Hardcore Software

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Ford was so serious about keeping details of its 2017 GT from being revealed before the car’s debut at the 2015 North American International Auto Show that it kept the design and engineering processes for it secret from most of its own employees.


According to The Detroit News, “Engineers and designers spent 14 months crafting Ford’s halo car inside a secret room in the corner of the automaker’s Dearborn Product Development Center.” Only a few of the Blue Oval’s workers knew the location of a seemingly forgotten room at the end of a basement hallway. Those who did were sworn to secrecy.


A select few thoroughly modernized the performance flagship. The car’s 50+ sensors will generate 100 gigabytes of data per hour. Its 28 microprocessors will control every system and part, including the 600+ horsepower 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6, the four-setting drive-mode control system, the automatic rear wing – even the door latches. The entire car will be digitally stuffed with more than 10 million lines of code. Ford said only about two million go into an F-22 fighter jet.


Production numbers for the 2017 GT will be considerably lower. Ford’s only going to make 250 of them a year. Pricing should be in the $400,000 area, but we’ll know the exact figure close to the end of next year, when the next-generation GT is set to go on sale.

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via [The Detroit News]

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