2017 Ford GT is Cool, Curvy, and Customizable

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If the 2017 Ford GT is a painting, the broad strokes of it are four wheels, an engine, a body, and a cockpit. The finer strokes are the colors used between those.

The reborn legend will offer buyers the choice of eight colors, including Liquid Blue, which debuted at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. They’ll be able to pick the finish for the exposed carbon fiber trim: gloss, matte, or Shadow Black paint. The six-piston, monobloc calipers will be available in anodized black as standard, as well as Silver, Blue, Orange, and Red. Those will clamp down on carbon ceramic discs that are 50 percent lighter than those made out of cast iron. The brake system’s low fluid displacement means it should provide improved pedal feel and stiffness.

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Ford says, “Throughout the interior, color is used sparingly, subtly making its way onto the car’s seat backs – a feature visible from the outside. On the passenger side, a matching hue on the two-tier instrument panel creates a visual balance in the tight cabin upon opening the door.” The horizontal ribbing on the seats also brings balance by adding visual width to the narrow interior.

For those who would rather take a shortcut with the visual configuration of their GT, the Blue Oval will suggest color combinations and themes that coordinate interior and exterior colors, brake caliper colors, and even the racing stripes. Might we suggest the Heritage Edition?

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