The 2017 Ford Fusion Can Handle the Footwork of Stop-and-Go Traffic

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2017 Ford Fusion Platinum 1

Waiting in stop-and-go traffic is frustrating not only because it makes you feel as if you’re getting nowhere very slowly, but because it requires you to do the world’s most boring and tedious dance on the gas and brake pedals with your right foot. The 2017 Ford Fusion has the ability to change that.

The Blue Oval says, “According to the 2015 Urban Mobility Scorecard released by Texas A&M Transportation Institute, America’s drivers spent 6.9 billion hours stuck in traffic in 2014, an average of nearly an hour a week wasted.” Building on its adaptive cruise control technology that keeps a preset speed and distance between its cars and the vehicles in front of them on the highway, Ford has developed a system that makes herk-and-jerk commuting a little less painful. When the 2017 Fusion’s radar and camera hardware detects that traffic has come to a dead stop, the car comes to a halt with minimal driver input. If the Fusion is stopped for more than three seconds, the driver can press the resume button or the gas pedal to get back to the previously set cruise control speed.

Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection is onboard to also bring the Fusion to a full stop automatically if it senses an imminent collision with a vehicle or pedestrian.

Ford’s stop-and-go technology will make its way into three new vehicles from the company within the next three years. In North America, the 2017 Fusion will be the first Blue Oval model on the continent to offer adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go tech as well as Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection. Look for the redesigned and more convenient sedan in dealerships this spring.

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