The 2011 Harley Davidson F-150: An Overview

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The 2011 Harley Davidson F-150 made its debut with a combination of Harley’s style and Ford’s capability. This is the ninth F-150 collaboration between the two companies. The previous models have been a success, but the 2011 model includes better engine capabilities, more standards, and lots of extras.

Under the Hood

The 2011 Harley Davidson F-150 comes with a 6.2 liter, gas powered, V8 engine. With this 411 horsepower engine, you will have a towing capacity of 9,300 pounds. The engine’s roller rocker shafts are designed so that the intake and exhaust give the truck optimal breathing, with timing that gives the customer better fuel economy. Each cylinder has two plugs which help with fuel costs, and give the truck 434 pounds per foot of torque. The duel knock sensors use an algorithm to give the engine flawless timing. These engine boosts are what gives the 2011 truck more power and strength than any of the previous Harley Davidson F-150s. The specially designed exhaust gives off a low rumble of the engine, to give it a sporty sound, more like a Harley. For those who enjoy operating the gears themselves, there is a toggle switch on the shift lever which gives the driver full control of the gear selection, without the transmission taking over.


The interior of the 2011 Harley Davidson F-150 comes with technology upgrades and more standard features. The 4.2 inch LCD screen allows customers to use buttons on their steering wheel to display important information about the performance of their truck. The truck also comes with a voice activated navigation system, climate control, and SIRIUS radio system, which are displayed on an 8 inch screen. You will also enjoy a moon roof, heated seats throughout, and rear view camera, all of which are considered standard on the new model. The leather seats and console lid have handmade Harley badges for an added touch.

The remote start program is also installed as a standard feature. The interior is comprised of all black and chrome finishes typical of Harley products. Trim panels are done in black with brief touches of chrome on the door scuff plate and console lid, setting it off.


One of the first things you will notice about this F-150 is the black and silver paint with its hot rod graphics and Harley Davidson lettering on the side and hood. The truck has a running board and low profile, 22 inch tires giving it a sleek, lowered appearance. The wheel cap is polished silver with spokes meeting in the center. You can’t help but notice the truck’s grill, which is also satin chrome with the Harley Davidson badge displayed in the center. The sleek demeanor of the Harley style gives the truck a look that is both stylish and daring. Whether you’re complimenting your Harley with your F-150 or the other way around, the two look great together.

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