The 1961-1972 Ford F250 History: Fourth and Fifth Generation (Part 2)

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F250 Fourth Generation

The 1961 Ford F250 carried over a similar look to the previous generation, but the new F250 trucks were slightly wider.  The F250 engine options were the Mileage Maker Inline 6 making 137 horsepower and the 292 cubic inch Y-Block V8 making 186 horsepower.  The F250 transmissions were still restricted to a 3-speed manual or automatic, and F250 4x4s were offered.  There were unibody F250s made in 1961, and like the styling, engine, and transmission, this would remain unchanged until 1964 when the unpopular unibody option was no longer offered.

The 1965 Ford F250 offered the new Twin I-Beam coil spring suspension and a new series of straight 6 motors measuring 240 cubic inches making either 150 horsepower or 170 horsepower.   The premium F250 engine was a 208 horsepower V8 available as either an automatic or manual transmission.  1965 marked the first year that the F250 offered a 4 door crew cab configuration.

F250 Fifth Generation

The 1967 Ford F250 received another physical upgrade, giving the F250 trucks an even wider stance.  Offered as either a rear wheel drive or 4×4, the 1967 F250 came with the same engine options, and the pair of straight 6 engines would remain unchanged through the 1972 model year.  The V8 option would change in 1968 when the 352 was replaced by a 360 cubic inch engine making 215 horsepower, and there was a new big block V8 measuring 390 cubic inches, making 255 horsepower.  The F250 transmission options were once again the 3-speed automatic or manual, and other than the engine options, the 1967-1972 F250s were the same, although the Low GVWR models were discontinued in 1968.

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