“TFLtruck” Tackles the Eisenhower Tunnel with the 2017 Super Duty

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Last week Ford invited some of the world’s automotive journalists — and us — to Denver to drive the 2017 Ford Super Duty. Amongst the outlets in attendance was TFLtruck and their heavy-duty driver Kent “Mr. Truck” Sundling. After the program was over, they took a fully-loaded F-450 with 30,000 lbs up to the Eisenhower Tunnel as part of the Ike Gauntlet series.

Why is the Eisenhower Tunnel such a pain in the rear for a truck? It’s the highest tunnel in the country at around 11,100 feet. The trip up to the entrance of the tunnel, where TFLtruck does their testing, is a 7% grade for 8 miles. When you factor in the extra strain on the truck being at that altitude, you have a pretty serious test.

While they frequently test trucks at this location, the Super Duty test is unique. This is a maximum load test for the truck. The truck being used, a F-450 Super Duty Platinum with a maximum tow rating of 30,100 lbs. Why isn’t it 32,500 lbs like Ford claims? That claim is for a properly-equipped XL rear-wheel drive truck. When you add the weight of the Platinum four-wheel drive, the maximum towing drops a bit. So for the purpose of this test, the 30,000 lbs that the trailer has is the maximum towing of the truck.

It’s a good watch with some cool visuals and should give you a general idea about how much work the new Super Duty is capable of, regardless of where you are in the country.

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