Texas Plumber’s Ford F-250 Used by Terrorists

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Note to self, if you sell your Ford F-250 to AutoNation or anyone for that matter, be sure to take your name off of it! Otherwise it may end up falling into the wrong hands like…Islamist militants fighting a jihad in Syria!

The former company vehicle of a Texas plumber was posted on Twitter in battle with guns blazing by Islamic extremists. Mark Oberholtzer, the former owner of the F-250 has been receiving death threats according to some news reports.

The photo of the battle tough Ford clearly shows Oberholzer’s company logo “Mark-1 Plumbing” and his phone number on the driver’s door with an anti-aircraft gun in the bed.

The penitent plumber told The Galveston Daily News that he sold the truck three years ago to AutoNation and expected them to remove the decals from his truck. Wrong!

“How it ended up in Syria, I’ll never know,” Oberholzer toldĀ the local paper.

Remember folks, never assume anything – if you want to do it right, do it yourself.

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