Texas Plumber Suing Dealership Because Traded-In Truck Ended Up Waging War in Syria

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Earlier this year we reported that a man in Texas who ran a plumbing company traded in his F-250 at a nearby dealership. Apparently that truck, which still had the company decals on it, ended up in Syria and used as light artillery fighting in the bloody conflict there. His truck ended up on social media, which is how the man found out.

Now, because of the grief that was caused, the man is suing the dealership. Mark Oblerholtzer, owner of Mark-1 Plumbing traded his truck in at an AutoNation dealership. According to Oblerholtzer, when he attempted to remove the logo at the dealership that salesperson told him to stop. He was told removing the sticker would damage the paint and they had another solution.

The truck, most likely sold at auction, ended up in Syria, and the photo taken of it went viral. Oblerholtzer received death threats, made especially easy since his phone number was still on the side of the truck.

How much damage does he thing was caused? He’s suing the dealership for $1 million.

Remember kids, if you’re trading in a vehicle and you have logos or advertising on it, remove it. Don’t leave it up to the dealership to do, because you never know what might happen.

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