Tesla Pickup that can Carry an F-150 Is What We Want Under the Tree!

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Size isn’t the only thing differentiating this beast from your typical F-Series.

Back when Steve Jobs was still alive and leading the way at Apple, he used to famously end his keynotes with a, “One more thing!” That’s when he would drop the big bombshell product that would blow your minds and empty millions of wallets.

Tesla’s Elon Musk is the heir-apparent to Jobs in this respect. He loves to talk about one thing, then drop a bombshell as a little aside. During Tesla’s recent keynote, when they unveiled their new all-electric semi-trucks, Musk just casually brought up something that we had been expecting for a while, Tesla is making a pickup truck. Sorta. And he decided to make the F-150 the butt of a joke.

When a concept image of the pickup showed on the big screen, there was something different about the Tesla vehicle. It’s big. So big, in fact, that it can fit an actual F-150 in the bed, and that’s what was in the image. Tesla is telling truck drivers, “forget that little rinky dink vehicle you call a pickup truck. THIS is a pickup truck.”

That’s right, Musk is touting that their new pickup truck is large enough to fit a F-150 in the bed. However, this massive pickup doesn’t require a CDL or any other special certification to operate. So, any of us common folk with a standard driver’s license can step behind the wheel of the behemoth. They get away with not requiring a special license because there’s no special operating that goes into it. You get behind the wheel, turn on the engine, and press the pedal to move forward. Simple as that.

But it’s the size of this truck that will get most people talking. Is there a need for a pickup truck the size of a semi? Does Joe Schmoe next door need to haul that much stuff in the bed of his truck on a daily basis? And if he does, will he buy a Tesla over a diesel engine? That’s the big question, and one that Musk isn’t about to answer.

The truth is, they built this semi-truck because they can. It’s a novelty, plain and simple. As we discussed previously, Ford is already hard at work on EV models of their F-Series vehicles, and they already easily dominate the market. It’s hard to believe that the millions and millions of people who own, and love, their F-150s will drop everything to buy this new Tesla truck. Especially at that size. None of this even touches on the interior setup of the cockpit, and the absolutely bonkers layout.

Musk is a smart guy, and you almost have to admire his moxy, but give us the F-150 that sits in the bed of the truck over that so-called pickup any day.

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Charles Dean is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Rennlist, among other auto sites.

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