Tesla Pickup Is No Threat to Ford’s Truck Dominance

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Tesla pickup hauling an F-150

Despite the stark differences between a rumored Tesla pickup and the F-150, people can’t stop comparing the two.

For reasons unbeknownst to us, people continue to compare the rumored Tesla pickup to the iconic Ford F-150. But as a big yellow bird once sang, one of these things is not like the other. The F-150 has quite simply dominated the truck (and entire automotive) market for 40 years. It’s 100% gasoline engine powered, for now anyway. And the proposed Tesla pickup is little more than a thought in the brain of the company’s eccentric CEO, Elon Musk.

And yet, the stark contrast between the non-existent Tesla pickup and Ford’s perennial best-seller perpetuates. The latest comes from The Street, who do admit that FoMoCo “may be laughing at the thought of Tesla Inc. entering their turf.” But they still present the idea that such a vehicle might pose a credible threat to the Goliath of the truck market. Personally, we see a number of obstacles that’ll be hard for Tesla to overcome.

Tesla’s status as a Wall Street darling is undeniable. But we can count on one hand the number of profitable quarters the company has had since its inception. Their rollout of the Model 3 sedan remains mired in “production hell,” according to Musk. With a reported backlog of 400,000 cars and nearly a year lead time for new orders. Tesla has thus far struggled to build enough vehicles to make it a viable threat to other automakers. And when they do, they’re stricken with well-documented reliability issues.

2018 Ford F-150 3L PowerStroke Diesel 001

Meanwhile, F-Series sales continue to reach new heights. Ford doesn’t even need to recommit to its truck lineup, and yet it has – big time. Not to say that there isn’t room in the market for a Tesla pickup, because there is. But to think that such a vehicle poses any sort of threat to the venerable F-150 is rather laughable.

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