Tell Ford What You Want the 2020 Ford Bronco to Be: What’s up in the Forums

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2020 Ford Bronco

Smart companies thrive by giving customers what they want. So tell Ford what you want the new Bronco to be!

We as consumers often feel like big companies just don’t listen to us. But in most cases, nothing could be further from the truth. History is riddled with failed mega corporations that failed to sell products that customers wanted, in fact. And Ford clearly has a thumb on the market, as their recent dedication to trucks and SUVs proves. So maybe, just maybe, we can have some influence on the 2020 Ford Bronco. At least, that’s what our members are trying to do right here in this forum threadCuNmUdF250 kicked it off with some basic requests.

“I’d love a removable top. Or if a sunroof is the best they have, then at least make the back window able to fully open as well. I’d also like it to have 35″ tires from the factory so I can do 37s with a mild aftermarket lift.”

Others, including rollerstud98, have a few more items to add to that list.

“I want the option of two doors, a removable top, manual t-case and tranny option, electric locking front and rear diffs, electric disconnect anti-sway bars, spare tire mounted on the tail gate, and Avalanche for a color option.”

2020 Ford Bronco

Member nova801428 takes things a step further. But one can dream, no?

“If we are dreaming…

Removable top with a hatch
Diesel option 
Solid axles front and rear
2 door
Manual transmission (6spd?)

No Bronco has ever been 4 door other than conversions.”

2020 Ford Bronco

Speaking of dreaming, Pgh Rebel wants to really take things back to the basics.

“I want low-tech, 2-doors, manual transfer, manual transmission, locking hubs, and a V8! I’m tired of vehicles that have cameras at every angle and can practically drive themselves! I don’t need or want SYNC 3, a Navigation system or any of the other garbage that’s coming on today’s vehicles. I want something similar in size to the 1990s era Ford Explorer Sport. And I want it to be affordable. I realize I’m not going to get any of this so I’ll just go back to bed and keep dreaming.”

SVTDriver97 agrees, but includes a passionate plea for Ford’s consideration.

“I am a prospective buyer of the new Bronco, and it needs to be good. I know you want to make it a Wrangler fighter, and that’s great! Because I’m in the market for either a new Wrangler OR a Bronco. I’ve been a Ford man my whole life, but the prospect of a small to mid-size new Bronco is enough to make me wait to see what you’ll bring to the table.

That, in my opinion, is EXACTLY what this world needs. Combine classic styling with modern touches and be rugged and modern. It must look like what the Bronco was originally meant to be, a small off-roader that you can drive everyday if needed. I’ve heard mixed stories about whether it will have a true solid axle, but let me tell you, it really should!”

Ford Bronco

Sensing a theme here? It’s pretty easy to tell that most of our members want an old school Bronco revival in 2020. And we basically feel the same way. But we want to know – what do you want from the new Bronco? Head over here and let us (and Ford) know!




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