Tell Ford What You Really Want from the 2020 Bronco

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2020 Ford Bronco

Are you a fan of solid axles, a removable roof, V8 power, and retro styling? Here’s your chance to sound off!

Ever since the world learned that Ford is going to bring back the much beloved Bronco, speculation has run wild as to what it will look like, not to mention what kind of components will lurk under its skin. Rumors have run wild for months surrounding the details of the 2020 Bronco, and it’s truly hard to know what is based in fact and what amounts to unfounded Internet speculation.

But what really matters here is what you, the die-hard Blue Oval fan thinks (and wants!). Obviously, we Ford truck enthusiasts don’t want to see the 2020 Bronco reborn as some boring crossover. Nor do we want a rebadged Everest. But some concessions will obviously have to be made, like the presence of Ecoboost power. Regardless, we were curious to see what you think. And we didn’t have to go far to find out.

Ford Bronco

That’s because FTE forum member CuNmUdF250 conveniently started a thread asking the very same thing. The idea? To create a post detailing what real Ford fans want to see from the forthcoming Bronco. And as you would imagine, the responses don’t disappoint.

The OP kicks things off with a couple of simple suggestions. “I’d love a removable top, or if a sunroof is best, they at least have the back window able to fully open as well. I’d like it to have 35″ tires from the factory so so you can add 37s with a mild aftermarket lift.”

Adding to that list is rollerstud98, who wants his Bronco to come with quite a few Jeep-like features. “I want the option of 2 doors, a removable top, a manual t-case and tranny option, electric locking front and rear diffs, electric disconnect anti-sway bars, spare tire mounted on tailgate package, and Avalanche as a color option.”

Ford Bronco

Longtime Ford Truck Enthusiasts member SDDL-UP is kind enough to produce his wish list in numbered format.

“1- Removable top
2- Two doors (4 door option would be OKAY, but 4 door only is called an Explorer)
3- Locking differentials
4- Lots of gearing
5- Ability to run 35″ tires, perhaps as a factory option
6- Ford Performance Parts winch bumper, lights, brush bar, roof rack, soft top, roll bar, skid plates, etc.”

Quite a few folks are keen on Ford’s Troller, which is a pretty cool off-roader in its own right. You can count db tanker among them, though he’d like to see a few changes to the global four wheeler to make it stand out.

“Troller T4 with the front grill and fascia changed to bring it more in line with Ford global marketing and design. Two wheelbases…one like below and another that has a system similar to the Toyota FJ Cruiser using suicide doors for access to the back passengers.

Each model comes just like the F-150 (and I assume the pending Ranger) going with standard package nomenclature such as XL, XLT, Lariat and Platinum with the FX4 option across the board for an upscale off-road package and an SVT off-road package to sit on top. Can’t see them using the Raptor name as it may pull some of the shine off that model…maybe Baja, Moab, Badlands…not sure but that is what Ford has marketing people for.”

2020 Ford Bronco

One thing we do believe is that Ford is ready to produce the first factory built four door Bronco ever. But the fact that they haven’t done so in the past has nova801428 skeptical.

“If we are dreaming…

Removable top with a hatch
Diesel option 
Solid axles front and rear
2 door
Manual transmission (6spd?)

No Bronco has ever been 4 door other than conversions.”

Then again, folks like tseekins have simple tastes and realistic wish lists.

“I’ll be satisfied with the same drive train options that the Ranger gets. That’ll make it rugged enough to handle more than what most people will throw at at it and it’ll tow at least 5000 pounds with the base engine. 

My only real want is exterior retro styling from the ’73-’74 model. In my mind, that was the iconic Bronco.”

2020 Bronco

But no matter who you ask, the response you receive is going to be good. Just ask SVTDriver97.

“Alright Ford, LISTEN UP!!

I am a prospective buyer of the new Bronco, and it needs to be good. I know you want to make it a Wrangler fighter, and that’s great! Because I’m in the market for either a new Wrangler OR a Bronco. I’ve been a Ford man my whole life, but the prospect of a small to mid-size new Bronco is enough to make me wait to see what you’ll bring to the table.

As far as looks go, it needs to be something very similar to what a fan made a year or so ago. It’s posted over on the Bronco6g website.

Remember, hipsters and new age customers will not be buying a Bronco to live in the city and drive down to the nearest soy latte bar to talk about their next book that they’re writing on post modern existentialism. We’re not looking for autonomous vehicles here. We’re human, we can drive ourselves. We don’t need it filled with a huge amount of technology. Navigation, heated/cooled seats is a must, but as far as autonomous driving, don’t. Just don’t. Don’t get confused on what a Bronco is meant to be, or who it’s targeted at. 

The eyes of the world are on you to make this right. Please don’t let us down!”

2020 Ford Bronco

And that’s exactly the kind of passionate feedback we like to hear. So be sure and head over here and tell us (and Ford!) what you want to see in the 2020 Bronco. Then maybe, just maybe, they’ll listen to us and deliver the Wrangler-killer that we all want so badly.

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