Teenage Ford F-150 Owner Proves Age Is Irrelevant

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Ford F-150

Most 17-year-olds have very different priorities, but this teen has made a Ford F-150 the center of his universe.

When you read the story of Reddit user kyle_jacks_4, you’d probably assume that he’s much older than he really is. Here is a guy that owns a 2008 Ford F-150, which he purchased as a self 16th birthday present. He proceeded to modify the truck, adding a slew of custom parts to make it his own. And he did all the work himself. Not only that, but he uses the Ford F-150 to tow his race car from track to track. And the kicker to this otherwise typical story? The OP is only 17 years old.

When we were that age, we were obviously into trucks. But we were also into extracurricular things like the opposite sex and other, unnamed activities we can’t mention here. So kudos to this young man, who appears to actually have his priorities straight. Even though his Ford F-150 has 225,000 miles and the typical “5.4-liter tick,” he reports that it’s running strong with more than enough power to tow.

Ford F-150

Not content to leave well enough alone, the OP has incorporated a few nice touches to make this truck his own, too. The struts, upper and lower control arms, and rear shocks are all new. A fresh set of 33-inch Toyo AT2 tires give the truck a little more attitude. And a Flowmaster muffler and Pioneer stereo system give it some extra sound, in more ways than one.

Ford F-150

Not a bad way for a 17-year old to get around town, we’d say. And it’s quite obvious that he does a lot of that. Whether it’s driving to school or to the race track, this nicely modded Ford F-150 seems like just the ride to introduce yet another person to the ever-growing world of Ford trucks!

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