TAX DAY JUMP Who Needs a Raptor When You Have an Expedition?

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FTE Jump

Why bother with buying a Ford Raptor when you can just get an Expedition? Throughout our many HUMP DAY features we have seen many vehicles, with a vast majority being Ford Rangers and Explorers. These rigs jump well and fly high, so that isn’t surprising at all. However, one rare ride to see getting airborne is the Expedition. Maybe it’s because it is simply a larger and heavier ride, or maybe it’s because Expedition owners don’t care to go complete redneck and beat up their loyal ride. Whatever the reason is, we don’t see these massive Ford beasts jump nearly enough. But we will today.

Now, if you just click on the video you may get bored a little quickly. The first forty seconds of the video consist of smaller jumps and driving through the dirt at Dennic Anderson Muddy Motorsports Park, but then the big leaps happen. And the driver does a great job too; flying high and landing well. The Expedition never even skips a beat, though it does lose a piece of its headlight in the final jump. Definitely worth it!

So what are you waiting for? Watch this giant Ford rig leap through the sky!

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