Tanner Foust Takes the Raptor to the Ring

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Raptor-F150-Nurburgring ft

The Raptor is great at a lot of things. It can crawl through the mud, it can fly off dunes, and it can soundly trounce the Ram Runner in pretty much every category. What it is not designed for is road racing. Precious few trucks are. And yet here we are, with American Top Gear host and ex-pro drifter Tanner Foust deftly piloting Ford’s racing truck around the Nurburgring.

Why? Well, because it’s cool mostly. Apparently he had an extra day and Germany with a Raptor and taking it to the Nurburgring was a natural next step. Like Foust mentions in the video, there really aren’t many pickup trucks in Germany. We have a lot of them in states, but their large size and thirsy nature make then scarce in Germany (and Europe in general). Seeing one on the Nurburgring, a road course normally cruised by Porsches and  BMWs, must’ve been a bit of a shock.

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via [Jalopnik]

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