F-150 Is Unstoppable: Muddy Monday

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Despite looking tame, this Ford F-150 is an absolute mud slayer in the pit!

This week’s “Muddy Monday video features what appears to be an average Ford F-150 from the late ’80s early ’90s. We don’t have many details on this truck, but it looks like a mildly built truck with nothing more than a lift, mudding tires, and a roll bar in the bed. This appears to be the kind of truck that someone pulled out of a barn and tinkered with just enough to go off-road at their local pit.


When this video by Anythingwithanengine Media begins, the red F-150 storms into a fairly shallow hole, only to look like it’s going to get stuck any second. Suddenly, forward progress stops and the tires begin to sling mud high into the air, but the driver is able to dig his way out and the old Ford cruises to dry land.

After struggling a bit with other mud holes, the F-150 makes a handful more runs taking different lines and pushing through deeper mud and water as the video goes on. Time and time again, the mighty Ford hardly breaks a sweat. There are a few moments where the F-150 begins to lose traction, but the driver is able to play with the clutch and get enough grip in the slop to make it to the far bank – proving that you don’t need a purpose-built monster truck to have a fun day playing in the mud.

Don’t you agree? Enjoy!

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