It Takes More Than a Ton of Money to Get a 2017 Ford GT

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Money can’t buy happiness. In a way, it also can’t buy you a 2017 Ford GT.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the reborn Blue Oval supercar will cost about $450,000. However, that won’t be enough for someone to get their hands on one.


Ford will only make 250 of the carbon-fiber road missiles a year, so demand will far exceed supply. Those with the right funds (a bankroll that can choke a hippo) interested in getting one will have to prove their enthusiast credentials. Owning a previous-generation GT will help, but Ford wants to know how many miles the owner has put on it. Potential buyers of the new car can also explain in writing and via social media why they should be able to take a GT home. Ford will stop taking reservations for the first two years of GT production on May 12.

The Blue Oval hopes that this weeding-out process will pair GTs with people who will drive them and act as brand ambassadors instead of turning the ultimate Ford performance car into a hermetically sealed garage queen. Imagine that: a car company that wants its cars to be driven. We like that way of thinking.

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