Take A Look At Ford’s Best Power Stroke Truck

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We take a look back at a time when our trucks were big, had two doors, and the motors weren’t restricted.

Ford has been making and selling the world’s best trucks for decades. But what happens when a modern automotive journalist drives an old Ford truck? AutoNuts TV recently hopped into a 1997 Ford F-250 with the legendary 7.3 Power Stroke diesel, and gave the truck a good once over. It should come as no surprise, but this classic “do work, son” type of truck left a strong and positive impression on our young reviewer.

power stroke

From praise for the meaty torque, to the enjoyment of the stiff and capable suspension, our hat-wearing auto journalist swoons over the Ford’s 7.3L diesel. We can’t say we could argue with him. A single cab pickup with like this one would be our ideal farm truck if we were in the market for such machine today. Everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

If you are interested in how this truck compares to newer ones, you’ll enjoy a couple of references, but they don’t go into detail quite as much as we would like. We would have also enjoyed a bit more time looking at the exterior of the truck as well.


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