Take a Look at Why the Ford Police Interceptor Utility is the Best Cop Car

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Usually all we is a look at the exterior and flashing lights, but we get a chance to see the Interceptor inside and out.

“To understand what makes a cop car a cop car you also have to understand that making a cop car takes two major ingredients, host James Pumphrey proclaims in Donut Media‘s latest Bumper 2 Bumper video. “First, is the car itself. Then, it has to be updated with all the special equipment cops use everyday,”

The vehicle Donut was fortunate to get to play with is a Ford Police Interceptor Utility borrowed from the Oxnard Police Department in Oxnard, California. Pumphrey first takes a look at the engine of the Interceptor. Donut Media is a stand-up enough outfit that they admit in the video they got it wrong. Editor of the film and host of his own Donut series Wheel House, Nolan Sykes steps in to convey the right engine information. They first believed the car had a 3.5 liter Ecoboost V6, when it in fact has a 3.7 liter V6 sans turbos. Either way the car produces more power than the previous generation police vehicles while using less gas.


Being built for police duty the Interceptor is outfitted with many police goodies. The exterior of the vehicle features a Setina Push Bar which has replaceable rubber pads when they get used to push cars around. The roof lights made by Federal Signal not only flash red and blue, but can also flash to direct traffic and to light up areas. And there is a spotlight to check out areas without leaving the vehicle. And, of course, the siren and intercom system.

The exterior is great and all, but that is the part you can see anywhere on the road patrolling. The interior is the part you might not know much about. Pumphrey hops in the driver seat to show off some of its many features. One of the most unique is the 17 button overhead panel that controls all of the exterior features like the lights and siren. At an officers disposal is a heavy duty laptop to do much of their work and of course a radio to call in perps who maybe trying to slip away.

The interior also features the spot you want to never find yourself in, the holding cell. It features a seat belt so the officer need not lean over someone in custody, window bars, and the doors open 90 degrees for putting criminals in the back easier and also do not feature any interior door handles.

Pumphreys ends the episode by stating the Interceptor Utility and it’s sedan counterpart are the best deal available in America.

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