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Ken Block’s ‘Hoonitruck’ Sets a New Record

Ken Block Hoonitruck

Custom 1977 F-150 features world’s largest metal part–an aluminium intake manifold–ever to be printed with 3D technology. 

  Comments | By - January 31, 2019

Ken Block’s Insane 1977 Ford F-150 Hoonitruck Dissected

Ken Block Hoonitruck 1977 Ford F-150

Take a deep dive into all the incredible details that make this the wildest F-150 ever built.

  Comments | By - December 18, 2018

Ken Block’s Hoonitruck Ford F-150 Is the Baddest Ride at SEMA

SEMA 2018 isn’t over yet, but we’re confident enough to declare this insane Ford F-150 best in show, right now.

  Comments | By - November 1, 2018

Ken Block Unleashes F-150-based ‘Hoonitruck’

Badass all-wheel-drive race truck is headed to SEMA to hype new Hoonigan video series.

  Comments | By - October 24, 2018