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Incredible 1969 Ford F-100 Trophy Truck Shreds the Desert

1969 Ford F-100

Honest-to-goodness vintage Ford F-100 features modern mechanicals. But it’s still our new favorite trophy truck!

  Comments | By - October 18, 2018

Raptors Blast Through Baja: Truckin’ Fast Wednesday Presented by Nitto Tire

Raptor in Baja

A dozen modified Ford F-150 SVT Raptors storming through Baja draws local crowds and makes for a great video.

  Comments | By - January 10, 2018

Ford F-150 Trophy Truck Tackles Baja on a Budget

F-150 Trophy Truck

Budget F-150 trophy truck proves you don’t have to spring for a new Raptor to tackle the world’s toughest off-road race.

  Comments | By - November 10, 2017

1972 ‘Bill Stroppe Baja’ Is the Holy Grail of Broncos

Want to know what the ultimate in Baja off-road technology looked like in the ’70s? Wonder no more.

  Comments | By - August 31, 2017

Modified Ford F-150 Raptor Goes for a Dyno Run

Strategic mods make this truck look like it could be a sort of racing series’ pre-runner for an off-road race.

  Comments | By - August 3, 2017

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