T-18 Transmission Rebuild (Part 4)

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Here is what about $90 bucks will buy you. Main bearings, roller bearings, lock and snap rings, spacers, teflon guides, seals, etc.
Cut a 1" dowel to the length of the shaft and place the large spacer on it. Put one of the roller bearing spacers on next then pack with petroleum jelly and place the first set of 22 roller bearings around the dowel. Then another spacer and 22 more roller bearings and the final spacer. Then repeat the same process on the other side.
There are three thrust washers, I used petroleum jelly to adhere them to the case so they would not fall down when placing the lower shaft in the case.
This is the thrust washer on the other side. Note that the copper colored side goes inward.
When you are ready to lower the shaft into the case, insert the large shaft rod into the hole. This helps hold the washers in place.
When the shaft is in place, the dowel can be driven out and replaced by the rod. It took a few attempts before we got everything to line up so be patient. 4 hands are required.
Pack 22 roller bearing into the input shaft with petroleum jelly and put the spacer on.
Place the input shaft through the opening and put the synchronizer on. It will only go on one way so don’t worry about that.

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