T-18 Transmission Rebuild (Part 1)

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By Kevin Munson

The rebuild process for the Borg-Warner T-18 is about the same as the New Process 435 so I decided to document the rebuild process for all of those 4 speed drivers out there. Click on the images for a larger version. Enjoy!


This is what I started with, the venerable T-18. Now we all know the manual transmission is the best for 4-wheeling…..wink wink.


Here is the input shaft side of the tranny.


First thing on the agenda was to drain the oil. Then remove the PTO cover plate.


Remove the reverse indicator switch and the bolts that retain the top cover.


Top cover removed exposing the internal gears.


Closer view of the upper assembly.


Inspect shifter shafts and forks for wear or damage.


The first gear has some wear, but not bad enough for a new one.


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