Sweet 1965 Ford Falcon Van Needs a New Driver

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Can you envision yourself driving up or down the California coast, surfboards attached to the rooftop, enough food and beer to keep you and a +1 off the grid for a couple days, and everyone rubbernecking as they pass you by? Well now is your chance to fulfill that dream with this beautiful 1965 Ford Falcon Van. 

Sporting a straight six / 3-speed column shift equipped example and looking sharp in period correct pastel yellow and white. This lovely Falcon van comes equipped with cabinets, an ice box, a Coleman stove, screened windows, and a table/convertible bed. It also features new shocks, alternator and more.  

This Falcon van has all the amenities one would expect from a camper van with the exception of a pop-up top. Find out more here on eBay. It’s being sold out of Broomall, Pennsylvania and has yet to reach its reserve.

Originally designed to compete with Chevrolet’s Greenbrier/95 and Volkswagen’s Type 2, Ford used parts from their existing Falcon platform to create a cab forward design that was more conventional than either of its competitors, as it used a “normal” front-mounted liquid cooled engine. 

The Ford Falcon Van being sold above looks quite good in photos with the exception of some minor issues around the left headlight, the triangular side window is a definite design highlight.

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