Superchips’ New Digital Lazer Gauges Offer Advanced Technology And Touch Screen Control

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Superchips proudly announces our all new gauge technology called Lazer Gauge. This new design technology allows for dual sweep support in one package such as our new Turbo Boost and Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) combination gauge or our new Transmission temperature gauge. These gauges are digitally controlled by an on board microprocessor and feature auto-brightness controls as well as touch face alarm level set points. The gauges vibrantly display a blue arc supported by a clean, white backlight. If you hit your preset warning limits the backlight glows red and the blue arc flashes the portion which is in an over limit condition, so with just a glance you know which condition(s) set the alarm.

Now you can comfortably monitor your turbo diesel’s Boost and Exhaust Gas Temps in one package. EGT’s are displayed from 600-1800 (F) and Boost is displayed up to 50 PSI. The Tranny Lazer Gauge accurately displays fluid temps from 50-250 (F). There’s even a peak limit detector which remembers your highest values – you don’t need to stare at the gauge to take a max reading, the Lazer Gauge remembers for you! With this wide display range our Lazer Gauges are sure to complement most vehicles from a stocker to a heavily modified performance rig! Finally, if you desire further control you can even hook up a PC to our gauges with the provided cable and software and program additional settings.

Using advanced digital controllers, the Lazer Gauges provide unique features such as:

  • Dual sweep readouts so you can have two gauges in one unit ““ cost and space savings
  • Touch Screen Programmable limit indicators.
  • Peak Limit detection and display
  • Auto-brightness controls built-in to support all driving conditions
  • You can even program additional features of the gauge with a personal computer!
  • Superchips is the industry leader in electronic powertrain tuning. Superchips offers a complete line of hand-held tuners and other performance products for most late-model domestic cars, trucks and SUVs. For more information please contact:

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