Superchips Announces All-New Cortex Vehicle Performance Programmer Line with a Two-Year Powertrain Warranty

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Sanford, FL Superchips proudly announces Cortex the latest innovation in a long lineup of world-class vehicle performance tuning products.  The Superchips Cortex comes with all of the same great features that Superchips users have come to love, including programming up to three performance tunes to enhance power, economy, and drivability. These features include the ability to save factory settings; program for performance, towing, or economy; tune transmission settings for improved drivability; read and clear diagnostic trouble codes; adjust speed and RPM limiters; and recalibrate speedometer/odometer for tire and gear swaps.  There is even a data acquisition software package available via Internet download that allows users to save and log data to better understand their vehicle performance.
The Cortex device also comes with a special expansion port that will allow users to connect compatible performance accessories to the Cortex device.  This means the Cortex can stay in the vehicle cabin and act as a hub communicating with networked accessories such as dash-mount displays, gauges, and supplemental vehicle sensors.  An array of compatible devices will be available for sale in 2008.
The Superchips Cortex comes with a two-year limited powertrain warranty.  Superchips is the only company with the heritage and confidence to back the product quality as well as the customers vehicle with a powertrain warranty.  This warranty comes with every Cortex device at no additional cost.
The Cortex product line will consist of a mere three part numbers — one part number for all Ford applications (e.g. gas cars, F-Series gas trucks, diesel trucks), one for all GM applications and one for all Chrysler/Dodge applications!  The Ford product will begin shipping in mid-September while GM and Dodge products will follow shortly thereafter.
All Cortex programmers are fully Internet updateable using a very simple software utility that can be downloaded to your PC via

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