Ford Excursion Is a Versatile V-10-powered Beast

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Ford Excursion

Whether you’re looking for a massive burnout machine or a competent tow rig, you can’t go wrong with this blown, V-10-powered Excursion!

Nobody on this planet would ever mistake something as massive and heavy as the Ford Excursion for a “fast” ride. And yet, somebody threw a Kenne Bell supercharger on top of this 2000 model’s V-10. Whether it was for towing purposes or just plain giggles, we’re certainly digging it. Because who wouldn’t want a blower on everything they own? With a little whine and a punch in the gut when you stab the pedal, superchargers just make everything more fun.

We spotted the blown Ford Excursion in the FTE Marketplace, which is chock full of cool stuff like this. And there’s really no downside to owning a vehicle like this that we can think of. Well, except the fact that constantly stabbing the go pedal probably makes your fuel mileage even more miserable than it already is. But can you really put a price on fun?

Other upgrades on this supercharged Excursion include F-350 rear springs, V codes in the front, and diesel-like hydro brakes. A low-geared 4.30 rear end ensures off-the-line acceleration is just that much better. And we suppose it also helps with towing. But we’re more interested in making this massive beast of an SUV do huge, smokey burnouts.

On the inside, you’ve got four DVD screens to keep the kids busy while you melt rubber. Coils, belts, plugs, and brake pads are all new, so you should be good to go for a while. And with only 111k on the odometer, mileage isn’t too terrible, either. So whether you’re looking for a massive burnout machine or a sweet tow rig (we guess?), it looks like this blown Ford Excursion might just be the ticket!

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