WATCH: Supercharged F-150 Smokes a Turbo Viper

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It’s safe to say the R/T badge on the Viper doesn’t stand for “Reaction Time”. 

You would think that Dodge’s V10-powered sports car with a pair of turbochargers, and a claimed “950 horsepower” on pump gas would do better than 11.1 seconds at the quarter-mile. Well, about that…

This video isn’t only exciting, but it’s also a good bit of comedy. The owner of the Viper makes the excuse that he’s not used to launching his new transmission yet, but there is video evidence that this car has lost to a truck in the past. Despite arguing for several minutes about whether he’d take a dollar bet on the race, the Viper driver eventually agrees to race an F-150, begrudgingly.

When they line up, the Viper clearly gets a horrible start, and the big rear-wheel drive Ford, weighing at least a couple thousand pounds more gets a huge jump on him. For the entire run, the Ford manages to stay ahead of the snake, putting its 650 supercharged horsepower down smoothly and reliably.


At the finish line the Ford trips the lights with an 11.6-second run, and while that was technically about half a second slower than the Viper’s run, his lightning quick (no, not Ford Lightning.) reaction time is more than enough to make up for the Viper’s speed. Once the Viper hooks up, you can see that it moves like a damn rocket, but let’s not forget to give the F-150 a huge pat on the back. Any truck that runs mid-11s with a 5-liter gasoline V8, even with a supercharger, deserves all kinds of applause.

If that Viper ever does manage to put the power down, or “learn his transmission,” it’ll be pretty quick, but for now he’ll have to suffer the ignominy of losing to a Ford truck.

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Source: [1320 Video on YouTube]

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