Super Super Duty Refresh Erupts into Epic, Never-Ending Thread

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Super Duty

What started out with some smoked lighting for a Super Duty turned into a massive virtual hangout among friends.

There are plenty of skeptics out there in the world that’ll tell you that forums just aren’t what they used to be. That many of them are straight up virtual ghost towns. And in some cases, they’re right. But when it comes to the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums, they couldn’t possibly be more wrong. You’d be hard-pressed to find a thread here that doesn’t have many, many pages of discussion. But nothing compares to the epicness of this highly entertaining thread that started way back in late summer of 2012.

It all started about as simply as possible. Member SavageNFS had just installed some smoked lights on his Super Duty, and posted a couple of pics to show them off. Heck, there are loads of similar threads in the forums like this one. But we believe it was his heading that took this particular thread to an entirely new stratosphere. Almost as if he was daring people to respond, the OP title this one “This is prolly a 1 page thread at most.”

Ford Super Duty

Little did he (or anyone) know that over the years, this thread would explode to nearly 5,000 pages containing 74,000+ replies. It’s safe to say that perhaps no forum thread in history has endured the way this one has. Also, it’s pretty obvious that it derailed from the original topic much like a runaway train.

“Here’s your PAGE 2!! You thought it would never happen…..” joked Andrew010.

“He was guaranteed two or more pages simply titling it a 1 page thread at most.” added 2addy.

Ah, if only they knew then. At this point, it was just becoming a challenge of sorts to see how far this thing could go. And the answer is that it quickly became the Energizer Bunny of forum threads. It certainly didn’t take long for the OP to celebrate, either.

“Ok…this thread is getting EPIC. Three pages! W00t!” 

Ford Super Duty

Before long, the conversation just shifted to the equivalent of a bunch of buddies sitting around chatting about trucks. Mostly, just the mods they’ve done and how they’ve turned out. The OP continues to add his experiences with his own Super Duty, but it was clear that we’d strayed far beyond the original topic by page 6.

Over time, this thread became far more than a place for buddies to hang out and talk about their Super Duty pickups. They complain about work. Vent some steam about typical marital spats. And just generally get a good laugh in here and there. Talk about their weekend camping trips. Chat about their kid’s accomplishments.

Ford Super Duty

So go ahead, let people tell you that forums are dead. But this never-ending show of camaraderie is the perfect anti-thesis to that idea. So whether you’re a Super Duty owner or not, we’d suggest joining in on this virtual hang out by heading over here and dropping your own comments!

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