Super Solid 1988 Ford Bronco Seeks New Garage

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Ford Bronco

An attractive paint scheme, subtle mods, and lots of factory options make this forgotten Bronco a pretty awesome daily!

Forget about modern SUVs and crossovers. There’s nothing we’d rather daily than a good old Ford Bronco. And while the prices of first and second gen Broncos are currently a little out of the reach of most folk’s bank accounts, there is a solution. And it’s the later Ford Bronco examples of the ’80s, and in some cases, the ’90s. 1980s Broncos just don’t get the love the other gens do, which means they’re cheap. Like this super solid example that we spotted in the FTE Marketplace recently.

With only 91,000 miles on the odometer, this Bronco has plenty of life left in it. Even better, it’s powered by Ford’s legendary 5.0-liter V8, so you know parts are cheap and plentiful in the event it does need work down the road. The seller has used the big ‘ute as a daily driver for 11 years, so you know it’s reliable. And it has just the right combination of goodies to enhance an already solid truck.

Ford Bronco

A 3-inch body lift gives this Bronco a little more “presence” on the highway. And it helps persuade that left lane-hogging hybrid in front of you to slide over. Plus, the lift makes room for a set of 33-inch tires, which are wrapped around some old school ’90s mags. And with a silver/grey paint job, it looks pretty killer, too.

The XLT has plenty of “cushy” options, including power windows and locks, air conditioning, tilt steering, cruise control, and comfy Captain’s chairs. The A/C doesn’t currently work, however, due to a leak. But with that simple fix, you could be well on your way to a much cooler daily driver. And who knows, maybe a potential future investment once the market learns to love ’80s Broncos!


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