Super Duty Is the Working Man’s Snow Plow of Choice

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If you’re looking for a tough truck, there’s no better recommendation than this!

If you’re fortunate enough to live somewhere blessed with significant snow each winter, you already know the struggle. And as anyone who’s forced to do so knows, keeping driveways, parking lots, and roads clear and safe for travel isn’t easy work. It’s work that requires seriously tough equipment, capable of performing flawlessly in subzero temps and under extreme duress. Equipment like Ford’s Super Duty line of pickups.

Super Duty

That’s why the Super Duty is the truck of choice for most snow removal companies, including the one owned by a guy named Stanley Genadek. Genadek owns a construction, landscaping, and lawn service company. But he also runs a YouTube channel and website offering priceless advice to anyone in similar industries. Suffice to say, he’s a busy guy.

Genadek’s videos, like the one above, offer up plenty of valuable information for anybody who works hard for a living. Or anybody that gets giddy watching heavy equipment in motion. So while the video above centers around advice concerning a particular type of snowplow, we were fascinated by the goodies Genadek has outfitted to his Super Duty.

Super Duty

In addition to your typical front-mounted plow, Genadek’s Super Duty now sports a Short Iron Fabrication pull plug. He actually purchased the pull plug on the advice of his subscribers, and he calls it a “game changer” that “plows 16 feet at a time.” And that’s perhaps the coolest thing about the community that Genadek has built. Everybody is open and willing to help out their fellow man!

So as you might imagine, the hundreds of comments left on each of his videos are pure gold. It’s easy to see the appeal of Genadek’s videos, which are entertaining, funny, and enlightening. And it’s also refreshing to see a real-life small business owner trust a hard-working truck like the Super Duty!

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