Ultimate Truck Pull: Powerstroke vs. V10 (Video)

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Ford Super Duty

Ford Super Duty Truck Battle Will Make You Appreciate a Diesel’s Torque Superiority

Welcome to the ultimate Super Duty truck pull! The age-old battle over which powerplant is the best will rage on forever. Diesel versus gas. 6.4 liter versus 7.3 liter. Big block versus small block. V6 versus V8. It goes on and on. Every good engine seems to have its fans and its haters. That means there’s only one good way to resolve these debates — with a good ‘ole battle!

For lovers of Ford monster trucks, that means a friendly Super Duty truck pull. It’s a simple, brutal and sometimes destructive method of figuring out whose truck is better. In addition, it’s highly entertaining to watch as well. Right? Need proof? Check out this killer video posted online by MyYota85. It really pushes the excitement into overdrive.

The crazy-cool clip shows two monster Super Duty trucks squaring off, but only one is equipped with a Powerstroke diesel engine. The opponent has a V10 gas-powered engine under the hood. After a little bit of resistance on the slippery surface, the diesel crawls to a win in round 1. Then it proceeds to beat the gas powered Super Duty again, and again…and again.

This proves once again that diesel is a superior option when it comes to pulling power. So next time your buddy is talking trash about oil burners, just direct him to this video. Shall we?

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