Super Duty Lariat, King Ranch, or Platinum: Which is Best?

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Super Duty

With so many great luxury trim levels to choose from, which Super Duty is right for you?

Back in the “good old days,” picking out a new truck was pretty simple. But now we’ve got a plethora of options, trim levels, and powertrains to choose from. This is especially true if you’re shopping for a luxury trimmed Super Duty truck. All three of the Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum provide different types of plush pickup experiences. So, if you’re in the market for a fancy Super Duty, which one would you pick?

The answer isn’t quite as simple as you might think. A lot of people prefer the unique leather and trim of the King Ranch. But it’s pricier than the Lariat. Then again, the Platinum has a distinctive appearance that many love, albeit at a higher price. Tough choice, right? But when you’re dropping this kind of cash on a Super Duty, you want to make the right decision. Which is why FTE member FishRanger headed to the forums to seek out some opinions on the matter.

“My question is about ride, quietness and seat comfort in the Lariat, KR and Platinum lines. I would assume the ride would be the same but not so sure about the other. I have sat in all of them for a few brief moments and driven a KR. We take pretty long trips with our fifth wheel and get a lot of seat time so comfort is important to us older folks.

The reason I ask is because pricing out each equipped the way I want results in about $5k less money for the Lariat. I know there are some things that come standard in the Platinum and KR that I would not get with the Lariat but they are things I would not get in the first place, except maybe the messaging seats, which I don’t think are available on the Lariat. Each would have the Ultimate packages along with all the safety features Ford offers, trailer TPMS and cameras, 3.55 LS and a few other minor things.”

Super Duty

For many folks, the Lariat provides pretty much everything they need at the lowest price.

“Well, I have a Lariat Ultimate 350 dually,” says troverman. “No ride quality difference across the board. Lariat Ultimate can have pretty much everything the others have…with the exception of the massaging seats, light up door sills (Platinum), and real wood trim on the doors. The leather is perhaps a better grade on the King Ranch and Platinum, or perhaps the same grade but there are more actual leather sections vs vinyl in the Lariat seat. The seat design is a little different, with the Platinum having a “stripe” down the center of each seat which I found uncomfortable. Others love it.”

“I’ve got the base Lariat without all the bells and whistles,” adds Paw’s 150 Lariat. “Does the job for me and was priced right so even an old guy like me on my old age pension could afford it!!”

Super Duty

Then again, some folks don’t mind paying a little extra for the bells and whistles of the Platinum.

“I have the platinum. I do not think any ride changes,” says lotsofords. “I will say the options that I like the most are the LED headlights because they greatly improve driving at night and adaptive cruise is nice on open highway, and I drive that every day.

The seats to me are comfortable. The massaging seats are nice on trips or after a long day.
I have a ’17 350 4×4, DRW and I am pleased with the ride. I am far more comfortable than I was with my 2001 350, 4×4, SRW, LB Lariat. That is not knocking the lariat, but the older seat style and truck in general.”

“I currently have a ’17 F-250 Lariat Ultimate that is heavily optioned and previously had a ’16 F-150 Platinum,” adds DFWCabinetman. “I prefer the seats in the Platinum. They were easier on my lower back even without using the massaging function. Also, you get more leather, real aluminum trim, real wood accents (which makes the sliding door in the console feel much more substantial) and better ***** on the center stack. If I had to do it over I would probably get the Platinum.”

Super Duty

And of course, plenty of people just love the King Ranch. Not just for the unique interior, of course. It’s also available with many of the same options as its more expensive brethren.

“My 2017 and the previous two were King Ranch editions, we keep buying them for a reason,” Tex68w says. “That said, all three are nice, only the KR has better leather, Platinum is same stuff as Lariat. One thing we thought was kind of hokey when we bought it were the massaging seats. But now we absolutely love them.”

It’s no surprise that plenty of people have already chimed in with their preference for Super Duty trim levels. But when you’re dropping this kind of cash, every little difference counts. So we’d love to hear what you have to say about it! Drop in here and let us know your favorite trim level out of the three, and most importantly, why you feel that way!

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