Super Duty Gets in Some Flight Training at Oklahoma Airport

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Mysterious ‘pilot’ of Super Duty left behind a few parts and some cans of beer, plus $3,000 worth of damage to the runway.

Whether it’s the Duke Boys in their Southern-fried ’69 Charger, or “The Bandit” in his black ’76 Trans Am, seeing our heroes fly high in the air makes our hearts soar with them. A lucky few of us have gotten a chance to live out our dreams of four-wheel flight in an F-150 Raptor or a beefed-up F-150 prerunner.

And then, there are some of us who’d rather fly from a runway than off a sand dune. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, NBC affiliate KFOR-TV has the unusual story of a Super Duty “pilot” busting into Thomas P. Stafford Airport in the Oklahoma City suburb of Weatherford, occurring in late September 2018.


According to airport manager Mark Schoonmaker, “somebody at a high rate of speed crashed through a locked, chained gate, traveled all the way down to the taxiway” from a nearby road. From there, the Super Duty flew 50 feet in the air, soaring over a taxiway light like Free Willy.


Upon landing, the Super Duty “pilot” continued their mayhem across the runway and taxiway before bashing through another fence to escape. In their wake were lots of broken bits and parts from the front of the truck, and the possible fuel source for the flight: “about five unopened cans of Coors Light and one of Michelob Ultra Cactus Lime,” per Schoonmaker.

The damage was discovered the morning after the night flight, though Schoonmaker told KFOR that “somebody had come back and got two of the headlights of the truck and three of the unopened cans of beer” while the airport was closed later that evening. Weatherford police are looking for the “pilot” of the Super Duty, who had done $3,000 worth of damage to the airport. Schoonmaker says the damage could have been worse, though.

“If a heavy jet or an airplane comes across debris, it punctures the tire, and bad things can happen there.”

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