Super Duty-driving Preschool Teacher Teaches Us a Lesson

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Super Duty

Instead of an apple, you might need some truck parts to get on this teacher’s good side!

Think back to preschool. Well, if your memory is better than ours, anyway. If you can recall that teacher you probably had a crush on, we’re guessing she probably drove a minivan or maybe some sort of boring sedan. But times, as they say, are a changin’. And today, preschool teachers apparently tool around in lifted, show-worthy Super Duty pickups fit for Saturday mud events.

Super Duty

At least, that’s the impression we get from perusing Sydni Olbon’s Instagram. The 22-year old has a penchant for photography, so why not use it to show off her incredible Super Duty? With a massive lift, aggressive tires, and some blacked-out aftermarket wheels, we certainly can’t blame her for wanting to share it with the world.

Super Duty

And that’s exactly what Olbon does, posing with her truck in all sorts of various ways. She also clearly enjoys washing it, which we can certainly relate to. After all, who wants to drive around in a dirty truck? Plus, it gives her yet another reason to snap a few pics to share.

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