Super Duty Demolishes Dodge and Dishes out Justice!

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Ford Super Duty

What seemed like a simple accident quickly turned into an unfortunate day for one Ram-driving criminal!

These days, crime is everywhere. If you watch those live TV police shows, you already know what we mean. It seems like pretty much every person driving around our roads these days is doing so with a suspended license, warrants, and drugs in their car. So for us law-abiding citizens, it’s nice to see folks like this caught in the act. But the hero in this bizarre story of a busted criminal isn’t a police officer or even a good Samaritan. It’s a Ford Super Duty!

Yes, according to news source San Angelo Live, a Super Duty is the reason police were able to catch and arrest a woman on the lamb with a warrant. Well, in all fairness, the truck’s driver had something to do with it too. Perhaps the funniest part of this story, however, is that the criminal wasn’t even at fault here. Well, except for the fact that she was driving a Dodge Ram. That should be a crime in itself.

Ford Super Duty

According to police, the Super Duty driver was attempting to turn left into a parking lot from a center lane. Apparently, the Ram was in the driver’s blind spot in the inside lane and just didn’t have time to get out of the way. Amazingly, the Super Duty didn’t suffer much damage outside of a busted fender and dented bumper. The Ram, on the other hand, suffered some serious damage to the front end and had its airbags deployed.

The Super Duty driver was certainly at fault here, and they received a citation for an unsafe lane change. And even though we don’t condone driving in such a bone-headed manner, we also salute this Super Duty’s sacrifice. Thanks to it, there’s one less criminal on our streets today!

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