Super Clean 1995 Ford F-250: Good Deal or Silly Mistake?

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1995 Ford F-250

Ford Truck Enthusiasts member bought this nice F-250 sight unseen, but now he’s having second thoughts.

Navigating the used Ford truck market these days is a bit tricky. One one hand, there are plenty of good deals out there for the taking. But plenty of folks are selling/flipping older Ford trucks for obscene prices, too. So you can’t blame Ford Truck Enthusiasts member cooltapes for second guessing his recent purchase, this incredibly clean diesel 1995 Ford F-250.

“Was this a good deal or am I an idiot? I bought this truck on eBay sight unseen. Ended up spending $6,600 for it and $1,200 to ship it to me. Spent $1,000 for a new set of tires once it got here and I’ve been going through the truck. Basically all the bushings on the suspension are shot and the interior needs some work. Other than that, do you think this is going to be a money pit?”

1995 Ford F-250

Buying a used vehicle sight unseen is always a huge risk, and there are typically going to be some problems you didn’t anticipate. But most people still think the OP got a fair deal on this F-250.

“Looks like a really nice truck, good price for the condition,” said Edgethis. “The mileage is really only an issue for the auto trans if it hasn’t been serviced properly.”

“I have to agree,” adds My4Fordtrucks. “That is a sharp looking truck. I’d prefer a manual transmission, but for that price I wouldn’t complain too much.”

1995 Ford F-250

And as FORDF250HDXLT points out, it’d be hard to take an F-250 like this in worse condition without spending a fortune to make it look this good.

“Amazingly clean. You couldn’t restore an average one from a northern state back to that condition for anywhere near that money. That’s about what a decent paint job will set you back on a full size truck like that these days. It is a bit on the steeper end for miles, but so what if it needs a full drivetrain replacement someday? Won’t make a difference because that truck is worth an engine, trans, or rear end swap without even batting an eye. So miles don’t mean too much on her anymore.”

1995 Ford F-250

There are those, of course, that disagree and feel like the OP overpaid for his F-250. Diesel_Brad is one of them.

“Overpriced for a rusted 22-year-old truck with 276k miles on it. It would be a different story if it had at least 100k less miles or if it wasn’t rotten. But neither of those are true on this truck. He currently has over $8,000 into it, and more than likely would not be able to get that out of it if he was to sell it now. I see trucks around here in the $4k-$5k mark, but with under 200k miles and with equivalent rust. I am confused as to how a dry Nevada truck can be rotten.”

So far, the responses to this buy have been overwhelmingly positive. But as usual, there are those who feel like the OP paid too much for this F-250. So we want to know what you think. Head over here and let us know if you think this was a good deal, or a regrettable mistake!

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