Sunken Bronco Left Behind by Owner in Rising River

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Remember, always check water depth before crossing. Or your vintage Bronco could pay the price!

The exploding popularity of off-roading is a great thing, for the most part. After all, it’s led to the emergence of goodies like the Raptor and a burgeoning aftermarket. These days, tackling local trails is easier than ever, no matter what you drive. But as with any popular hobby, off-roading has also seen its fair share of unfortunate incidents lately. Mostly at the hands of inexperienced drivers.

The latest is the demise of this poor fifth-gen Ford Bronco. The full-size SUV was recently abandoned after a failed crossing attempt of Grime’s Creek near Boise, Idaho. Sadly, this sort of thing has become quite common in the area (and across the country). So much that this video of the sunken Bronco led to a feature story in the Idaho Statesmen.


According to sources, heavier snow pack during the winter has the creek running very high this year. Undoubtedly, the driver of this particular Bronco had crossed the same spot in the past without a problem, which led to his assumption that it was perfectly fine to cross without depth-checking this time. But we all know what they say about assumptions!

While the sight of this sunken Bronco is rather depressing, it’s also a perfect opportunity to remind you, aspiring off-roaders, to always check the depth of a body of water before crossing it. So unless you drive a Chevy or Dodge (just kidding), never assume that a body of water is shallow enough to traverse. And if you do, prepare to become internet-famous.

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