See What These Stupid People Did to a Lovely Old Ford Truck

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Not only did they destroy a Ford truck, but also cut down two trees and spill oil and coolant on the ground

Allow us to begin by saying that Ford Truck Enthusiast is a big promoter of people doing whatever it is they feel like doing with their money, and their trucks. With that statement out of the way, we’re wondering what the f%@! were these people thinking?

This footage by joe coron is getting a lot of attention due to the massive amounts of stupidity and irresponsibility shown during the nearly four minutes that it lasts. The video begins with what looks like a perfectly fine ’70s F-Series truck mounted on blocks with the throttle jammed open wide. While the engine is running and quickly overheating, at least one person is shooting at the truck with a rifle, which finally makes the motor go into a frenzy and die.


Because for whatever reason that wasn’t enough torturing of a poor old truck, what sounds like several idiots keep laughing at the sight, and even decide to chop down not one, but two trees, and drop them on the truck.

After having its engine blown up, its body shot at, and finally two trees slammed down on the thing, the poor truck finally died. And yes, for whatever reason this was all for fun.

Do you get it? Because we don’t.

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