Does ’68 Ford Bronco Hint at New Model’s Design?

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1968 Ford Bronco

With Ford Possibly About to Launch a New Bronco, We Consider How Close — or not — it May Look to the Classic Model

There is a lot of speculation out there regarding the forthcoming Ford Bronco. There are several speculative renderings floating around the Internet, but we still are not sure exactly what the new truck will look like. Of course, most of the sketches we’ve seen depict an updated look of the first generation Bronco. It makes sense, since the early Ford Broncos are perhaps the most popular and revered of all.

1968 Ford Bronco

And though we can only speculate what the return of Ford’s beloved SUV will bring, we hope that it might look like this 1968 Ford Bronco example.  A whole lot of work — and money — went into making this a thoroughly modern interpretation of a classic Bronco, and it has certainly paid off.

We’ll start with the gorgeous body, which has stunning Shelby blue paint and shaved door handles. It also has a custom windshield and gaps tighter than anything that ever rolled off the assembly line. A set of modern black wheels and all-black trim completes the transformative look.

1968 Ford Bronco

The interior is much like the exterior: simple, clean and very modern in appearance. There’s nothing flashy or unnecessary here, just a design that mimics that of a modern luxury car. Power comes from a clean 302, which is backed up by a 3-speed manual that is floor mounted.

This 1968 Ford Bronco is a nice example of what a new generation should look like: a no frills, (hopefully) affordable modern interpretation of the most iconic SUV Ford ever produced. It’s probably not what we’ll get, but one can dream!

1968 Ford Bronco

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