Stroked F-150 Lightning Runs 13-Flat: Truckin’ Fast Wednesday

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418 cubic inches of V8 power and big drag tires help this F-150 stomp a classic Chevy.

This week’s Truckin’ Fast Wednesday video comes to us from the tomeighty YouTube channel and it features a first generation Ford F-150 SVT Lightning taking on a handful of competitors at Wisconsin International Raceway. Even with the hood up, this truck doesn’t appear to be heavily modified, shy of the big tires, but this original Lightning lays down solid quarter mile times.

Stroked Lightning

The star of this video is a 1993 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning powered by a 418-cubic inch stroker motor. The video details claim that it is “stock” other than the fact that it is a stroker setup, which is kind of funny, but it also has some big, sticky rear tires. As a result, this Ford truck can put all of that big-cube V8 power to the ground and lay down solid quarter mile times.

F-150 Lightning Stroker Engine

The Racing Action

As the video points out before the racing begins, this footage was captured at a “no times” event, so nothing appeared on the big boards, but we do get to see a timeslip after the first run.

In that first run, the F-150 Lightning takes on a wicked pro stock-style 3rd generation Chevrolet Camaro and prior to the race beginning, it seems likely that the truck was going to get killed by the muscle car. However, when the green lights drop, the Chevy never moves and the F-150 cruises to an easy win.

F-150 Lightning Vs Camaro

On that pass, the Lightning ran a 13.00 at 104.66 miles per hour, pulling a 1.777 60-foot time in the process.

The second run is the most exciting, with the early SVT Lightning taking on an old square body Chevy truck. When the green lights drop, the F-150 gets the better start and it keeps pulling away through the top end beams. We don’t see any numbers for this run, but the Ford gets to the finish line well ahead of the Chevy.

F-150 Lightning Beats Chevy

Finally, on the last run, the SVT F-150 takes on a mid-1960s Chevy Nova with a dial-in plate reading 8.52. Like the first run, this appeared to be an impossible fight for the Ford to win, but unlike the first run, the Chevy doesn’t remain at the finish line. In fact, the Nova lays down an incredible run, beating the truck by at least a city block.

F-150 Lightning Versus Nova

However, it beat the other truck and that is what matters, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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