Strategic Vision Sees Ford Cars and Trucks as High-Quality Vehicles

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Ford Top Quality Impact Awards Ford-Trucks 2

Ford has been under fire lately. Chevy, of course, has been one of the loudest voices in the verbal attacks on the Blue Oval.

Not all of the things being said about Ford are negative, though. Strategic Vision gave the 2016 F-150, Mustang, and C-MAX Energi its Top Quality Impact awards for their quality based on customer evaluations after the first 90 days of ownership. The company says the TQI score is the “measure of experience that encompasses positive and negative product experience, including reliability, driving excitement, and other aspects of dealership experiences.”

Ford Top Quality Impact Awards Ford-Trucks 3

The C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid took home the top prize in the Small APT (Alternative Powertrain) Car Segment for the comfort and workmanship of its interior, and its thoughtful engineering.

Owners praised the Ford Mustang convertible’s image, interior design, power, and acceleration, giving the drop-top the top spot in the Standard Convertible Segment.

Ford Top Quality Impact Awards Ford-Trucks 1

The F-150 beat out its competitors from Ram, GMC, and Chevy – yes, Chevy – to win the Top Quality Impact prize in the Full-Size Pickup Segment. Owners were satisfied with its power, safety, workmanship, and pick-up – no pun intended.

Ford itself even won a prize on the corporation level…but so did GM.

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