Thief Steals F-250, Livestreams High-Speed Police Chase

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Movie-like chase includes an eluded spike strip, a sharp-shooting good Samaritan, and a grand finale that leaves the culprit all wet.

Older folks often like to complain about the misguided youth and some of the truly dumb things they do. While some times these complaints stem from grumpiness, other times, they’re right on the money. Let’s file this article in the latter category, because everyone, regardless of age, knows that stealing a Ford F-250 and running away from the cops is just plain stupid.

Oklahoma City’s News 9 reports that a Ford F-250 had been stolen a few days earlier by Brenton Hager, 25. Then a police chase took place after the truck’s owner randomly spotted it while en route to a dentist appointment. In what already sounded like a weird turn of events, the chase quickly evolved into a media frenzy with news crews, helicopters, vans, and several troopers giving chase to the Ford truck.

Despite all the media coverage the daring thief decided to fire up his smartphone and Facebook Live the entire thing, all the while smoking, rambling, and being chased by police and even evading a spike strip. But wait, it gets even more weird!

All of a sudden, a random bystander in another car gets out and proceeds to unload his pistol, shooting at the Ford truck’s tires several times. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the thief, who continued speeding along.

Eventually, however, the driver loses control, drives into a pond, and is eventually arrested, giving closure to a nearly three-hour chase.


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