F-150 Theft & Drowning Caused by a Ducati?

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Stolen F-150 recovered from canal.

Stolen Ford found at bottom of canal, but that’s only part of the bad news!

Now, as Ford truck enthusiasts, we obviously hold F-150s in high regard. But that doesn’t mean that we’re not also fans of other vehicles, too, like fast motorcycles. But even with that said, a new national news story involving a Ford F-150 truck and a Ducati motorcycle being stolen together still has us feeling much more sympathetic about the F-150. This is because, even though the pickup truck was eventually found and the motorcycle wasn’t, the Ford unarguably suffered much harsher consequences.

Stolen Ford trucks have been a recurring theme lately in headlines across North America. Now comes a new story from Florida about a local Ford truck enthusiast’s stolen F-150 pickup being swiped from his driveway along with a $12,000 Ducati that was strapped in the bed of the truck.

According to an exclusive NBC2 report, the Ford truck went missing from its owner’s driveway in the early hours of a Saturday morning. The victim mentioned that he could not remember if he locked his truck or not. Wait, what?!?

Considering just how popular Ford F-150 pickup trucks are in America, this, of course, was a huge mistake.


‘According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Ford F-Series trucks are some of the most frequently stolen used vehicles [in the country].’


“According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Ford F-Series trucks are some of the most frequently stolen used vehicles [in the country],” confirms reporter Trent Kelly in his NBC2 report.

Fortunately for the F-150’s owner, diving crews recovered his Ford truck the next day. The bad news, however, is that it was found at the bottom of a canal located about four miles from the owner’s home. NBC2 even has exclusive footage of that poor truck being lifted from its watery parking spot — but it ain’t easy to watch.

The police and the diving crews, however, could not find any sign of the motorcycle.

Now, we can only assume that the bike had been chained to the back of the truck, and rather than make a lot of noise cutting it outside the owner’s house, they stole the whole package and cut the chain somewhere quiet — like beside a canal in the early hours of the morning? So, in essence, the Ducati may have led to the pointless trucknapping and successive drowning of the F-150.

Either way, we hope the dirtbags get caught. And, of course, our hearts are with the owner of the truck. Losing a motorcycle is one thing, but having someone dump your Ford truck in a canal? That’s a whole other level of evil that we just can’t wrap our cabezas around.

At least the Ford F-150 crime serves as a reminder of why it’s vital to make sure to always lock up your ride if you’re one of the lucky ones who owns America’s best-selling truck. However, this cautionary tale isn’t one that needs to be told to the crime victim’s fellow Ford F-150-driving neighbor Todd Anderson, who tells NBC2: “I always lock my doors, so I’ve been doing the same ol’ routine.”

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