Stock Ranger Climbs a Loose Hill: Muddy Monday

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Your Ranger doesn’t need to be heavily modified to enjoy off-roading fun.

This week’s Muddy Monday video comes to us from the Off Road and Racing YouTube channel and it features a last generation Ford Ranger playing in the mud. While this action is nowhere near as extreme as most of our muddy videos, this week we wanted to look at a truck that wasn’t purpose-built to play in the mud, paying tribute to those people who go off-roading with relatively stock pickups.

The Stock-Ish Truck

It seems that that vast majority of the off-roading trucks that we feature are massively modified, so while they are F-150, Ranger and Super Duty pickups, they often share few parts with the trucks that many of us drive on the road. We pick those monster machines because they are generally more capable of slinging mud, but this week’s video features a truck that looks to be stock or very near stock.

Ranger Coming Downhill

There are no details on this Ford Ranger, but it appears to be stock, including the wheels and the ride height. The tires might be a bit more aggressive than the stock rubber, but overall, this compact pickup is more or less stock. We call is stock-ish just in case there are some minor modifications, but as off-road trucks go, this one doesn’t differ from the average Ranger that you see on your local roads.

The Muddy Trail

In the video above, the Ranger carefully climbs down an angled path, avoiding the washed-out trench in the middle of that makeshift road. When the truck reaches what appears to be a drying riverbed, the driver has to hammer down and dig through the hard mud a bit in order to get a run at the steep, muddy hill awaiting him.

Ranger Up a HIll

The small Ford truck hits the hill with some speed, spinning the rear tires hard as it straddles a trench and climbs safely to the top of the hill.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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