Why Can’t We Have the New Ranger Now?

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2015 Ford Ranger Wildtrak - Jungle

We ask, we plead, we try to bribe, and yet still, Ford pays no attention to the people that want a new Ford Ranger. We’ve covered the topic so many times, we’ve lost count. It’s frankly ridiculous that Ford hasn’t brought the pint-sized pickup back to the states yet with all the whining everyone has done since the truck went out of production.

It’s even more staggering to think about when you consider that Ford has continued to make the Ranger better, more rugged, and get better fuel economy than the F-Series throughout the rest of the world.

Seriously, Ford sells the new Ranger in over 180 different markets around the world, and yet we, the United States, the people behind owning the most pickups out there, still don’t get the truck.


This week marks the unveiling of the newest Ranger at the Frankfurt Auto Show, but by now, does it really matter that we cover it? It’s a bit unobtainable. It’s the forbidden fruit. What’s even worse is that this newest truck is absolutely awesome and no matter what we say, we can’t have it. Sometimes Ford, we just don’t get what you’re all about.

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