Steel Cleatus Kicked Out of Built Ford Tough FOX Sports Locker Room

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Remember all those years back when FOX’s NFL broadcasts started featuring a Transformer-like robot to help usher in various graphics packages? Well, all these years later, now that it’s really too late, we find out that robot has a name, and it’s Steel Cleatus.

I guess I never realized what a big part of the Fox broadcast team Steel Cleatus had become. He even has his own locker in the Built Ford Tough FOX Sports Locker Room. Or at least he used to.

As you can see in the excellent F-150 commercial below, Rob Riggle — actor, comedian, FOX contributor, and the apparent coach of FOX’s broadcast team — has to sit down with Steel Cleatus and break some bad news: the old robot is getting replaced by a rookie military grade robot: Aluminum Cleatus.

There’s just not enough room on the team, and Aluminum Cleatus is “lighter, stronger, faster, and smarter.” Just like Riggle’s F-150. So Aluminum Steel gets cut. And he’s none to pleased about it.

The whole clip is outstanding, especially if you love Ford trucks and football. (If you don’t, please stop calling yourself American.) And it’s the little nuances that make it very re-watchable. It actually took me a couple of times to realize that Riggle’s filling Jay Glazer’s locker with shaving cream to start off the shenanigans.

It’s all uproarious fun and games. Or at least it is right up until the point where Steel Cleatus sheds a forlorn tear. God, it’s heartbreaking. Is there anything quite as devastating as a sad robot? Still, it gets the point across: Aluminum Cleatus is obviously the “Better Cleatus.”

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