Ford Mach 1 Electric CUV? Or Ford Escape?

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Ford Mach 1 Low Front 3/4

Ford vehicle spotted out on a test drive is too sleek, long and low to be an Escape. But it has a tailpipe, which an EV would not.

Our spy photographers recently captured this mysterious, masked crossover roaming the streets of Metro Detroit. There is no question that it is a Ford, even with the heavy camouflage, but which upcoming crossover is this? Is it the all-electric, Mustang-inspired vehicle being discussed as the Mach 1 or is it the next generation Escape with a vastly new form?

The Mysterious Crossover

If you just looked at the close-up shots here of this mysterious Ford crossover, you might dismiss it as being the next generation Escape. However, when you look at the bigger pictures, the windshield rake is far more leaned back than the Escape. It also appears to be longer through the wheelbase and through the roofline than the Escape. So, if this is the next Escape, it will have a much sportier form than the current version.

Ford Mach 1 Side Profile

The differences from the Escape that we know leads us to believe that this is the all-electric crossover that is promised to be engineered with Mustang DNA. The problem with that idea is that this vehicle has an exhaust pipe sticking out of the back and a sticker on the windshield proclaiming it to be a diesel-powered vehicle. Could the sticker and tailpipe be incredibly clever disguises? In this day and age, anything seems possible, but the fact that it might have a combustion engine leaves us wondering just what this crossover will be called when it debuts without the camouflage.

Ford Mach 1 Rear Full

Other Key Points

If you look closely at these pictures, this Ford crossover appears to have a protective tray of some sort under the rear end. It seems unlikely that this low-riding CUV would be prepared for off-roading, so it seems more likely that the tray is protecting a battery. Other EVs with a battery mounted under the cargo area use a similar protective tray, suggesting that this test mule has a large, rear-mounted battery, even if it isn’t the all-electric Mach 1.

Ford Mach 1 Tailpipe Close

Unfortunately, the photographs were captured in an active work area with lots of industrial noise, so the photographer was unable to tell for sure whether or not this vehicle made “engine sounds” when it drove away.

Ford Mach 1 Close Front

In any case, Ford is cooking up a low-slung crossover that is longer and lower than the Escape. It might be the electric vehicle being discussed as the Mach 1, it could be the next generation Escape and it could be a totally different vehicle.

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