Sport Mode Helps the New Ford F-150 Hit the “Sweet Spot”

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Trucks just aren’t what they used to be. In the past, they were simple tools for the working class; now, they’re trying to be everything to everyone. Just look at the new Ford F-150. It has a bed for those of you who need to use it as a work vehicle. It has two available turbocharged engines and an aluminum body for you fuel conscious types. It can be dressed up for all of you luxe truck lovers. It can even be put into sport mode by those of you who want a more engaging driving experience from your rig.

It doesn’t matter which engine your aluminum F-150 has or if you’re in two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive auto or high. Just push your tow/haul button twice. An amber S will light up in the lower-right portion of your tachometer to let you know sport mode is active. Once it is, your truck’s six-speed automatic will hold its gears longer and stay in the thick of the power band. It’ll also shift less when you’re driving on winding roads and ascending and descending rolling hills.

No matter you go, you won’t have to push the right pedal down as frequently to hit max torque. Your F-150’s gearbox will even rev match as it downshifts when you slow down to take a corner, thanks to transmission calibrations taken from the new Mustang. In fact, powertrain engineers drove the 2015 F-150 and 2015 Mustang on the same testing trip routes because they both use similar transmission tech.

“Sport mode keeps the engine operating in the desired power and torque ranges, or what we like to call the ‘sweet’ spot,” Karl Jungbluth, Ford transmission calibration engineer, said. “It makes Mustang come alive, and we feel it does the same thing in F-150.”

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